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  • The 1st African-Americans to be voted into Congress 1869 - 1873 Robert C. DeLarge, Jefferson Long, H.R. Revels, Benjamin Turner, Josiah Walls, Joseph Rainy, R. Brown Elliot

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Welcome to the Black Genealogy Search Group’s (BGSG) website.  Colorado’s oldest genealogy research group educating and supporting individuals of African descent who are studying their family history.  BGSG attracts members from all along the Front Range and meets in Denver, Colorado.  BGSG provides information, speakers, presentations and seminars on genealogical research specifically affecting African-Americans in the diaspora.  We are an organization supporting genealogist by providing access to the unique resources needed to conduct successful historical research on African American families.  BGSG continuously demonstrates how African American history is integrated into the social, economic, political and religious histories of America.  


Visitors are always welcomed to join us at events as well as our monthly meetings in Denver at the Blair Caldwell African American Research Library.  See our calendar on the right.  Black Genealogy Research Group members look forward to seeing you and meeting your ancestors.


7 Reasons to be a genealogist

  1. To tell the real story of your family. (If not you, then who?)

  2. You become entrusted with the truths and values of your family.

  3. Black genealogist know real black history, not just black facts.

  4. To understand the historical traditions of your family.

  5. Don’t you want to know what really happened to uncle Ray?

  6. To have a real answer to the question, “Where do you come from?”

  7. Genealogy research heals families.


Join us and be a genealogist

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